Morning Brew

Hema Ramkissoon spoke with Interior Designer Robert Solomon on the Morning Brew. Police stations across T&T will get a special gift this Christmas as several local designers have volunteered...

Embedded thumbnail for Cough syrup and soda, pill parties, drug use on the rise among youth
Wed, 09/11/2019 - 10:15

Hema Ramkissoon spoke with Substance Abuse Activist Garth St Clair on the Morning Brew. He is advising parents to be extra vigilant and exercise caution with medication being left at home.

Embedded thumbnail for Government should come clean on real unemployment figures
Wed, 09/11/2019 - 09:45

Hema Ramkissoon spoke with Former Minister of Trade Vasant Bharath on the Morning Brew. He says the figures being quoted are from September 2017 and does not account for the number of workers sent home within the last year.

Embedded thumbnail for Sedition Law should not be on the book
Tue, 09/10/2019 - 09:45

Hema Ramkissoon spoke with Former Attorney General Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj on the Morning Brew. He says the sedition law attacks freedom of speech and freedom to express political views.

Embedded thumbnail for Thousands still unaccounted for in the Bahamas
Mon, 09/09/2019 - 10:45
Embedded thumbnail for TTPS says they are not a political tool in sedition debate
Thu, 09/05/2019 - 10:45

Hema Ramkissoon spoke with Sgt David Swanson on the Morning Brew. He says the TTPS is not guided by any political entity when enforcing the law.


Embedded thumbnail for Support needed for parents facing challenges with child care
Wed, 09/04/2019 - 11:00

Hema Ramkissoon spoke to Professor Rhoda Reddock on the Morning Brew. She says society is not taking collective responsibility for the challenges faced by parents.

Embedded thumbnail for TTUTA: Maintenance programme needed for schools
Tue, 09/03/2019 - 10:15

Hema Ramkissoon spoke with Kyrla Robertson on the Morning Brew.TTUTA's Second Vice President says patchwork is usually done to reopen schools however, the problems manifest during the term.

Embedded thumbnail for TTPS advises the public to get permission for fireworks displays
Thu, 08/29/2019 - 09:15

Ryan Bachoo spoke with Sergeant David Swanson on the Morning Brew. He says the misuse of fireworks can cause serious harm to people and property. He advises caution and urges users to seek permission when putting on displays.

Embedded thumbnail for Dr Douglas: Stop humiliating children who don't have all their books
Wed, 08/28/2019 - 09:45

Ryan Bachoo spoke with Clinical Psychologist Dr Dianne Douglas on the Morning Brew. She says teachers need to know the difference between discipline and humiliation and be sensitive to children.

Embedded thumbnail for Watson Duke describes Public Service as "battered woman"
Fri, 08/23/2019 - 08:45