First Resort

We reside within the famous magie antillaise (Caribbean magic) of this region, defined as far back as the Spanish journals of De Las Casas through to the “plantocracy prose of the wives of English Governors. They all spoke of this style and aesthetic that was borne out of our Caribbean context in spite of the vagaries of colonial living, but which energised the space with an ethos that was incandescent and alluring.

This je ne sais quoi was the rudiments of a resort style which is significant for our tropical branding but moreover signature of our regional identity and its antecedents. And by no means serving as a last-resort-barometer to measure the identity-branding indicators of our resplendent way of life. In fact, this naturally enchanting and altogether enchanting-by-nature phenomenon becomes our first-resort-touchstone in defining our costuming, in describing our leisure apparel and more so, in labelling our resort wear.

The K2K Alliance trademark has evolved. It is recognised exponentially for its iconoclastic stamp on the modern-day Carnival landscape for the band does not focus on bikinis, beads and feathers. It is instead preoccupied with producing ready-to-wear (RTW), hand-beaded evening wear and artfully crafted exclusive garments that give the masquerader a unique experience that is in keeping with their campaign slogan, ‘Make K2K a part of your lifestyle and home’. This is according to the dynamic duo of Karen and Kathy Norman.

Having made a foray within the Carnival arena with memorable, idiosyncratic prints and versatile wardrobe pieces for men and women, the brand now ventures forward to leave a lasting impression, which is to engage you first hand, in a word, as a first resort, of experiencing the brand without participating in the Carnival. The K2K experience is currently going on to include NORMI, its resort wear incarnation, that speaks to the magical ethos by which our colonizers were enthralled. NORMI has encapsulated this enchantment, this magie (magic), in its Escape line which revels in the notion of an escape to a sort of paradise, marked by a sort of Trinbagoness – sea breeze, coconut trees and waves crashing on shores.

The garments and the campaigns behind the lines hope to transport individuals to that magical place, that seemingly elusive destination, to which we are alluding, through the application of caressing silks and silky chiffons that simultaneously provide effortless sophistication and capture romantic aspirations. This luxury resort wear for women is designed to access femininity and sensuality for its targeted clientele. Indeed, this distinctive resort wear bespeaks a lifestyle choice of which NORMI reflects and moreover boasts.

En route to NORMI privé, K2K and NORMI share a commitment to producing novel and singular prints, not only of Carnival past and present, but will expand their platform to include a wider range of items in the future – A true testament to resort living with its ever-evolving diversification to satisfy versatile needs and service variable options within our paradise aesthetic.

Gary Jordan Photography ©2018

NORMI will be featured at K2K’s 2020 – The Greatest Show – launch at Queen’s Hall on August 30th.

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