Hikers Association wants hikers to take extra precaution

The Hikers Association of Trinidad and Tobago is cautioning all hikers to take extra precaution. 

This following the drowning of 23-year-old Akil Stafford at 3 pools in Paris yesterday.

 In a release, the group says too often people are unaware of the dangers associated with hikes.

The hikers association says threats can range from the occasional presence of venomous snakes to the depth of plunge pools located at waterfalls or along river courses.

 It says at three pools, for instance, the estimated depths range from ten to as many as twenty feet in some areas.  

The association is advising individuals and groups considering hikes to contact the association for information on recommended clubs.

They are strongly recommending that the responsible state agency erect signs, warning of the depth of plunge pools at the popular hiking destinations. 

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