Kreative Kat Get Your Nails up to Scratch

Monday, June 24, 2019 - 14:30

Katrianna Rezende is the “Kreative” force behind Kat, a new gel system that is about YOU, not the nail industry. Katrianna tells us “how we look and how we feel, is what we carry into our lives every day. When you buy a manicure, you buy a feeling – it makes you feel powerful and confident.” Seeing her clients gain this type of confidence has inspired Katrianna to spread a powerful message – “The best work you ever do in life is working on yourself”. She tries to reaffirm this positive message in her brand and business daily. As a wife and mother, learning and growing (as an individual) have been a part of her life in a very monumental way for the past 10 years. Spreading her message has become paramount to her business.

What is one thing for which your customers can really count on you?

Colour selection. Lol! Okay seriously – great service and life coaching with a smile and honesty. That is not one, is it? I pride myself on making my clients happy.

Tell us about your greatest achievements/milestones.

This will sound cheesy but my greatest achievement is my family – my friends who have become family – that is, my husband, my children, my dad, mom, sisters and friends who are like sisters. I had my children and got married at a young age, without them my profession would have never come into being. My profession gave me the chance to raise them from home while also meeting tonnes of amazing people who I get to call friends today. They have become more than clients. They have become the reason why I do what I do. Through my best achievement, I have been able to gain the support and love necessary to pursue a career that is sometimes undervalued. I am a makeup artist, nail technician, gel system company owner, mother, housewife…the list is quite long. Another great achievement for me is my Gel System named ‘Kat’, so named because all my family members and friends always tell me “Your name is your brand”.

Tell us about your new gel line?

My clients were my inspiration for this – nails and how they make you feel, is something you cannot put into words. The feeling is so deep and ingrained that if you ask anyone to describe it, they will use sentences like: “They make me feel confident”, “They make me feel strong.” The key here is when you feel beautiful it can change how you see the world. You think more positively, you radiate good energy and when you have a manicure done, that feeling stays with you for more than a day. I have clients who have soft nails that they were never able to grow, acrylics never stayed on and gel polish never lasted. I saw the need for a product that is about them (the clients), not the nail industry. Having a client come back to me, two weeks later, with natural length is the best feeling in the world. You can tell that my clients are happy and that makes me so happy.

How do you stay abreast of the latest beauty trends?

I love colour. I’m a true artist at heart and nails give me the opportunity to express and share my love for colour with others. As a result, whatever happens, to come on trend, I usually have a match for so, we have fun. I highly believe in always educating yourself and learning. Through this, I tend to look for trends that add to my business and make clients happy.

What nail tips can you give to us?

The cliché ones because they are the truth:

1.    Do not use your nails as tools.

2.    Always use a good hand cream and cuticle oil.

3. Do not let anyone cut your cuticles because they are necessary for good nail health.