150,000 eligible for property tax waiver

Finance Minister Colm Imbert is seeking to clarify how the property tax will work and he is making it clear that it does not include dog houses or duck ponds.

In a tweet this morning, Minister Imbert said the property tax is based on the rental value of properties and not the capital value.

He goes on to say that minor structures like a dog house, duck pond or fowl coop cannot possibly increase the tax payable since it does not increase the rental value of a property in any significant way.

There was some uproar after it was reported that dog houses and chicken coops would be included in the property tax.

Since then Minister Imbert has sought to clarify the statements he made in parliament earlier this week.

He also says that persons who make $3,500 or less a month, or those who receive a disability grant, public assistance grant, senior citizens' pension or food card are eligible for a waiver from property tax.

Minister Imbert says that is approximately 150,000 property owners.


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