$2 million ransom for Sheldon Sukdheo

A $2 million ransom has been demanded for the safe return of Sheldon Sukhdeo who was kidnapped by men pretending to be police last Sunday.

Sources say Sukhdeo, 32, of Caroni Savannah Road, Charlieville is alive and was allowed to speak to his brother Ceron for four minutes on Wednesday.

Details of the negotiation between the family and the kidnappers are ongoing. Police said it was an active investigation and details cannot be revealed.

Sheldon's brother Sheron, who was affiliated with the Muslim gangs of Laventille was gunned down on March 26.

Months after his death, his wife Rachael and their two children went into hiding.

On April 22, Joshua Plaza, of Savannah Heights, Charlieville, the man believed to have carried out the hit on Sheron’s life, was also killed. 

Two weeks later, Rachael’s brother, Phillip Bassant, was shot dead, a short distance from where Sheron was killed.

No one has been arrested in connection with these murders but police said they were all reprisal hits. 

Sheldon, aka, Rat was kidnapped around 5 am while in the company of three other people. Police said he was driving his BMW X5 when a black SUV with flashing blue lights pulled him over and a masked gunman ordered him into a black SUV. 

Officers of the anti-kidnapping squad are continuing investigations.

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