3-year-old dies after father's car explodes

*** Update ***

The child has died at the San Fernando General Hospital having suffered 100 percent burns.

*** Earlier Report**** 

A 3-year-old child is barely holding on to life after suffering 4th-degree burns when his father's car exploded in Tabaquite.

Prince Fracette, 3, of 21 Cito Lane, Tabaquite, is now at the San Fernando General Hospital where doctors are desperately attempting to save his life.

Reports indicate that around 2 pm today, the child was in company with his father Justin Sunset, 21, when he left the child in the vehicle and went into the house.

Police say the father was doing mechanical works on the vehicle and went inside for a short while when he then heard a loud explosion.

Upon checking, Sunset observed his vehicle, PAW 3603, in blaze with the child in the backseat.

Sunset managed to free the child and he was rushed to the hospital.

Doctors say the boy suffered 100% burns about his body.


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