488 new municipal police officers by mid-2018

The Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government says that interviews for 488 candidates for the position of Municipal Police Constable have now concluded and that it awaits the final merit list from Service Commissions.

A statement by the ministry says that in early January 2018, successful candidates will move forward in the process, undergoing medical and psychological testing, before entering the four-month training programme conducted by the Office of Law Enforcement Policy (OLEP).

It is expected that by mid-2018, the new batch of Municipal Police Constables will be assigned by Service Commissions across the Municipal Corporations.

The ministry says that this process is a mandate of Cabinet meted out in order to improve the safety of citizens in all communities across the country.

It says that increasing the complement of the Municipal Police Service will alleviate staffing constraints, allowing for officers to build a closer relationship with the burgesses who they are sworn to protect.

Minister Haji Kazim Hosein said in the statement, “We aim to restore a sense of community to the Municipal Police Service, with an increase of foot patrols and a deepening of relationships amongst the people. The increase of the Municipal Police Service will certainly have a positive effect on the safety of you and your families in your homes, communities and across our nation.”

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