6 am protest at Couva Roundabout

Members of the Steel Workers Union of Trinidad & Tobago has signalled its intention to protest at the Couva roundabout from 6 am on Tuesday. The Union says this action results from allegations that the Nu-Iron Unlimited is about to purchase the entire Steel Plant facility formerly known as ArcelorMittal.
Its members say that the company is purchasing the ArcelorMittal Steel Plant for less than the value of the unpaid separation benefits of the former workers.
The Union suspects that this company wants to scrap a significant portion of the previous facility, essentially ending any hope of future employment for the displaced workers. 
The workers and the union say that they have secured an international investor who offered more money for the facility with the guarantee of a US billion dollar investment over 5 years for running the entire facility and the creation of over five thousand jobs. 
The Steel Workers Union describe tomorrow’s action as something that has never been seen before.

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