Aloes wants $400,000 for Revue

Ka­lyp­so Re­vue has put in a re­quest for $400,000 from the Min­istry of Com­mu­ni­ty De­vel­op­ment, Cul­ture and the Arts, as the tent gets set to open its doors for the 2019 Car­ni­val sea­son.

Whether they re­ceive the sub­ven­tions or not, chair­man of the tent Michael “Sug­ar Aloes” Os­una promised the show will go on.

Yes­ter­day, Aloes said they had put for­ward a $400,000 re­quest in State fund­ing to the min­istry, but they were await­ing a re­sponse.

“I can’t say when I will get feed­back but I know they are work­ing on it.”

Giv­ing de­tails about the show, Aloes said Re­vue will open on Feb­ru­ary 8 at the Ari­ma Velo­drome with a re­duced cast of 23 singers.

Among the line up are Skatie, Pink Pan­ther, Baron, De­von Seales and Chalk­dust.

In a bid to woo pa­trons they have ad­ver­tised three peo­ple on one tick­et for $400 un­til Feb­ru­ary 4.

“I could work with $400,000. I asked for $400,000,” Aloes said when asked how much fund­ing they had re­quest­ed from the min­istry this year.

If Gov­ern­ment fails to hand over the sub­ven­tions, Aloes said “ if we ain’t get that (mon­ey), we would see what we can do. We will try.”

Last year, the tent re­ceived $150,000 in State fund­ing while they were promised $50,000 in spon­sor­ship from the Na­tion­al Lot­ter­ies Con­trol Board.

He said some tents work with $1 mil­lion.

In the past, Aloes said, his tent opened every night lead­ing up to Car­ni­val, but in 2019 they will op­er­ate for on­ly three days a week—Thurs­day Fri­day and Sat­ur­day for four weeks.

By 11.30 pm, Aloes said, they will wrap up the show.

“We don’t in­tend to go be­yond three hours of per­for­mance. Once you start at a rea­son­able time and fin­ish ear­ly peo­ple will come. We want the show to fin­ish ear­ly so pa­trons can go home ear­ly, giv­en the crime sit­u­a­tion. I think peo­ple will come out to hear the new ca­lyp­soes. It’s one way of de-stress­ing and a form of en­joy­ment.”

Last year, the Re­vue com­plained that they could not open due to lack of state fund­ing.

How­ev­er, when they opened, there was a poor turn out of pa­trons.

- by Shaliza Hassanali

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