Angostura price discounts for International Rum Day tomorrow

Friday August 16 is officially International Rum Day, to be celebrated at home and abroad.

Angostura Limited says this year it will have special significance for the company as the day marks its 195th year of operation.

The company says it will be honouring the historic occasion with citizens across Trinidad and Tobago, beginning at Rum Day.

The company has been internationally lauded for its Angostura® aromatic bitters brand and locally manufactured rums.

The company says the Angostura® 7-year-old rum will be featured in this year’s festivities, with price discounts also extending to Angostura staples White Oak, Fernandes Black Label, and Forres Park Puncheon rums.

It says establishments across the country will be participating in what seems set to be a most exciting Rum Day 2019.

Rum was first created in the Caribbean after it was discovered that molasses could be fermented into alcohol.

Ironically, it was the slaves who made this discovery, but it was the Colonials who discovered how to distil it into true rum.

It played a major role in the political system of the colonies. How? By being offered as a bribe to those the candidates wished to curry favor with.

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