ATTIC calls for new measures as 30 die on roads this year

Tuesday, February 23, 2016 - 20:00

With 30 road deaths for the year already, the Association of Trinidad and Tobago Insurance Companies is calling for the implementation of several measures, including parents limiting young drivers on the nation's roads at nights.

The association issued a statement today also calling for increased police presence on the nation's roads and the erection of proper barriers on the highways.

The following is ATTIC's statement:

"The Association of Trinidad and Tobago Insurance Companies (ATTIC) wishes to extend its deepest condolences to the families who lost loved ones in road collisions. 
ATTIC is appealing to all citizens to exercise greater responsibility while using the nation’s roads.  We are also appealing to the necessary authorities for proper enforcement of the law in order to reduce reckless driving and loss of life. 
For this year to date we have experienced thirty (30) vehicular deaths which is unacceptable, ATTIC is reiterating its recommendations for the following:-

·         The implementation of a Drivers’ Education programme in schools. 
·         The implementation of a graduated licensing system for new drivers.
·         Passage of the legislation required to allow radar speed traps and to deter unsafe driving practices on the country’s roads.
·         Mandatory blood alcohol level testing for all drivers involved in fatal accidents, or accidents involving bodily injury or other accidents.
·         The erection and maintenance of proper barriers between multi-way highways.
·         Enforcement of inspections for private vehicles five years and over.
·         The establishment of the “points” system as already provided in the current legislation.
·         Increase Police presence on the roadways.
We are also asking parents and car owners to implement their own rules for vehicle use by young drivers such as:-

Limiting the number of passengers to the amount the vehicle is licensed to carry.
Limiting driving at night
Requiring completion of a defensive driving programme
We would like to again appeal to all citizens to assume greater responsibility for their own driving practices as well as those of their friends, family and hired transport. In particular ensure that at events at which alcohol is likely to be consumed a designated driver is appointed or a reliable transport service is utilised. We are also pleading with pedestrians to be more responsible road users by using walkovers, pedestrian crossings and obeying traffic signals. We are also appealing to backseat passengers to wear their seatbelts and to pedestrians to practise more caution when crossing the nation’s roads. 
In closing we appeal to all persons to be each other’s keeper and do their part to reduce road fatalities and make the roads safe."