Autopsy: Child died of hyperthermia caused by extreme heat

Three-year-old Isaiah Hazel died of hyperthermia caused by extreme heat and dehydration.

This was revealed in an autopsy that was conducted on the boy’s tiny body on Friday at the Forensic Sciences Centre in St James.

Hazel’s parents declined to comment.

“I don’t know what to say…I have nothing to say…whatever is to be said is up to the parents…I don’t even want to know what the autopsy said because I didn’t ask,” his grandmother June Vincent said. 

Asked if the family was interested in hearing the school bus driver’s side to the story as to what transpired that caused her not to notice Hazel asleep in the school bus, Vincent replied: “Not really!”

Meanwhile, Guardian Media understands that the driver of the bus was interrogated by officers from the Homicide Region 3 Division based in the Southern Division and it is possible that she may face charges of manslaughter.

The driver, however, is currently warded at the San Fernando General Hospital.

It was reported that she collapsed when the boy’s body was discovered in her vehicle on Thursday afternoon and was treated at the Couva District Hospital.

She also collapsed after being questioned by the police and was subsequently taken to the hospital.

Hazel, reportedly fell asleep on his way to school and remained unnoticed by the driver who returned home until it was time to return for the children some six hours later.

Classmates found Hazel’s body lying on the floor after the driver returned to the Morning Star Early Childhood Centre.

- by Rhondor Dowlat-Rostant

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