Beetham Highway closing over weekend

Monday, September 17, 2018 - 10:30

Motorists can expect major delays this weekend as the Ministry of Works and Transport plans to shut down the Beetham Highway, between Barataria and Port-of-Spain, for major work on the Sea Lots pedestrian overpass.

In a release earlier, the ministry said there will be a temporary traffic disruption between the Barataria Overpass, Beetham Highway and the Port-of-Spain Lighthouse on Wrightson Road begining from 9 am on Friday and ending at 6 pm Sunday.

It advised that the Beetham Highway will be closed to all vehicular traffic during this period in order to facilitate the completion of the major work on the overpass.

Motorists were advised to use these alternative routes during this period:

1. Eastbound Traffic - Please turn left onto Broadway; as no access would be allowed to pass the Lighthouse. The westbound lanes of the Beetham Highway will be converted to two-way traffic between the Lighthouse and Pioneer Drive to facilitate access/egress for local traffic only.

2. Beetham - There will be no access permitted along the westbound lanes of the Beetham Highway beyond the Barataria Overpass. Only local traffic accessing Development Drive will be permitted. Alternative access into Port of Spain and environs would be allowed via the use of the Barataria Overpass whereby motorists can utilise the Priority Bus Route, the Eastern Main Road or the Lady Young Road, Morvant.

3. Beetham - Local traffic will be permitted to access Development Drive from the westbound lanes of the Beetham Highway. Local traffic heading eastbound from Development Drive would be allowed to proceed east along the eastbound lanes of the Beetham Highway. No access to the Beetham Highway will be permitted from Abattoir Road and Production Drive.

In light of this, the ministry advised motorists of the following safety issues: 

* Proceed with caution and observe all directional signs and barriers
* Comply with instructions from Police Officers on site to facilitate a safe and orderly flow of traffic
* Be aware of heavy equipment entering and exiting the site
* Drive with caution on all milled (possibly uneven) surfaces