Bloody weekend - six murders across Trinidad

Six mur­ders over the week­end have pushed the mur­der toll to 30 for the year so far.

The lat­est in­ci­dent oc­curred in Care­nage on Sun­day night with the mur­der of Ja­mal Moses.

Po­lice said Moses was stand­ing along the road in Mt Pleas­ant around 8 pm when gun­men shot him sev­er­al times about the body. He died on the scene.

Moses’ mur­der fol­lowed an un­re­lat­ed dou­ble mur­der at Bangladesh in St Joseph. In that in­ci­dent, the vic­tims were iden­ti­fied as Krys­tal Heer­alal and Keron Ram­per­sad.

Po­lice said at about 5 pm, a lone gun­man opened fire on a group of peo­ple who were at Marigold Dri­ve, shoot­ing three. Heer­alal and Ram­per­sad were killed, while a third vic­tim, iden­ti­fied as Shami­la St John, was al­so wound­ed.

St John was said to be fight­ing for her life at the Er­ic Williams Med­ical Sci­ences Com­plex in Mount Hope up to last night. Po­lice are yet to de­ter­mine a mo­tive for the killing.

In an­oth­er un­re­lat­ed mur­der in San Fer­nan­do, Jabari Paul, 18, of Pe­nal, had just left a fete when he was shot while walk­ing along Mon Cha­grin Street, San Fer­nan­do, near the South­ern Di­vi­sion Fraud Squad of­fice. Po­lice said he was shot sev­er­al times in the head.

Ac­cord­ing to a po­lice re­port, Paul, the fa­ther of a two-year-old boy, died at about 9.15 am at the San Fer­nan­do Gen­er­al yes­ter­day. Po­lice said that Paul had ear­li­er had an ar­gu­ment with some men and left a par­ty.

A sen­try sta­tioned at the Fraud Squad of­fice heard the gun­shots and when he looked out­side saw Paul ly­ing on the road­way bleed­ing pro­fuse­ly. The of­fi­cer called for help and of­fi­cers of the Guard and Emer­gency Branch re­spond­ed and took Paul to the hos­pi­tal where he lat­er died.

Paul’s aunt, who lives near the scene of the shoot­ing, said she did not know where he went or where he was go­ing. She said she was asleep when she heard the gun­shots. She said she thought the shoot­ing vic­tim could have been one of her neigh­bours but not her nephew.

“I was sleep­ing when I heard about 10 shots rang out and I got up to see what I could but I couldn’t see any­thing. I sus­pect­ed that it was some­body around here be­cause I know every­body here. Some­body called us lat­er on and told us about it,” Paul’s aunt said.

Based on what neigh­bours said, Paul’s aunt said the po­lice had de­clared Paul dead at the scene, but when his arms start­ed shak­ing the po­lice took him to the hos­pi­tal.

In the week­end’s first in­ci­dent, at about 8 pm on Sat­ur­day a man who was found shot sev­er­al times about his body on the side of the road suc­cumbed to his in­juries while ward­ed at the San­gre Grande Dis­trict Hos­pi­tal. He was iden­ti­fied as Jake Halls, 38, of Matu­ra. He was last seen lim­ing at a vil­lage bar on Fri­day. Po­lice said it is be­lieved he was shot sev­er­al times while walk­ing on his way home from the bar.

In an­oth­er un­re­lat­ed in­ci­dent, at about 8.30 pm on Sat­ur­day, Adio Patrick was stand­ing along the St Fran­cois Val­ley Road, Bel­mont, when he was ap­proached by a group of men who opened fire on him. He was shot sev­er­al times about the body. He was tak­en to the Port-of-Spain Gen­er­al Hos­pi­tal but was pro­nounced dead on ar­rival.

In­ves­ti­ga­tions are con­tin­u­ing in­to all in­ci­dents.

— by Rhondor Dowlat. Ad­di­tion­al re­port­ing by Kevon Felmine and Ralph Ban­warie


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