Breaking: Weakened Income Tax Bill passes without Opposition support

The Income Tax (Amendment) Bill has been passed in the House of Representatives but only after the government deleted all the clauses in the bill that required a three-fifths majority. 

Attorney General Fars Al Rawi called for sections 6 to 10 be removed from the bill, after noting in the Committee Stage that the Opposition was not about to support it.

Section 2 and the Preamble which stated that the bill required a three-fifths majority, then became unnecessary and was also removed.

The sections of the bill that were removed, needed the special majority because they would have infringed privacy laws under the Constitution.

The government did manage to keep a clause in, that allows the police to access Income Tax information when investigating a matter of financial crime.

The bill was then put to the House of Representatives for a simple vote, where it was passed by a vote of 19 to 14.

There were no abstentions.

We will have more on the implications of today's developments later. 

See Government's immediate response here:


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