'Bring your toilet paper' - NALIS in a funding mess

Hard times have fallen on the National Library and Information System Authority (NALIS) as employees are now being asked to bring their own water and toilet paper to work because of a lack of funding.

It is being described as a "guava season" at the institution. 

A leaked memo from the CEO to all staff stated that the organisation is experiencing challenges in maintaining its operations due to a shortage of funds and it has had to take some uncomfortable measures to stay afloat.

NALIS spends just over $6,500 a month on water but come June 3rd, it says it will no longer be purchasing bottled water for an indefinite period and staff are being asked to supply their own.

NALIS faced an embarrassing situation today as toilet paper and hand tissue ran out.

Once funds are available, it says it will continue to purchase these items, but staff are being asked to supply their own until further notice.

The executive director apologised for what she called "guava season".

Communications Minister Stuart Young told Guardian Media that he found the memo and its contents disturbing and immediately requested that the permanent secretary at the Ministry of Communications make an official inquiry of the executive director.

He says neither the permanent secretary nor himself were apprised of any situation warranting this memo.

He says the preliminary report he received suggests that the communication may have been ill-advised and he is awaiting the provision of documentation.


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