Burkie gets back $100,000 seized by police

Sea Lots com­mu­ni­ty leader Cedric Burke, al­so known as Burkie, has been released from police custody and the large sum of money that was found in his possession on the day he was arrested has been returned to him.

Guardian Media understands that at about 2 pm on Friday Burke was handed over his $100,000 cash that the police found in his house on Wednesday morning during an intelligence operation that took place in the Sea Lots area.

Var­i­ous arms of the T&T Po­lice Ser­vice con­duct­ed the ex­er­cise at about 7 am, including officers from the Guard and Emer­gency Branch, IATF, FIU, SORT and mem­bers of the K-9 unit.

Police said at the time the money could not have been accounted for.

However, on Friday investigators handed over the cash to Burke without any charges.

Speaking with the Guardian Media, Burke only expressed gratitude towards the police in giving him back all of his money that was initially seized.

 - by Rhondor Dowlat-Rostant

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