Cannabis activist happy marijuana has been decriminalised

Friday, December 20, 2019 - 14:00

Cannabis activist Nazma Muller is describing Monday’s scheduled proclamation of legislation to decriminalise marijuana as a victory.

Muller says for years she has advocated, lobbied and even petitioned for the legalization of cannabis, as she deemed existing laws in contravention of citizen's constitutional right to freedom.

She had previously expressed concerns with clauses made to the Dangerous Drugs and Cannabis Control Bill.

“Very happy to see we’re going to have a good Christmas,” she says. “As the PM said, a new state will exist, one which existed over a hundred years ago. This is the first step in de-colonizing the minds of our people.”

During Thursday’s post-Cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley confirmed proclamation of the legislation as discussed.

It means that the laws surrounding marijuana use and possession in this country will officially be relaxed.

Nazma Muller maintains the move will provide a natural remedy to combat various ailments; however, she asserts, her advocacy work is not over.

“I’ve always emphasised this is a human rights issue, because this is nature’s way of healing us,” the cannabis activist points out. “I had hoped education would have taken place, but my mission now is to deal with the second control bill.”