Challenges to UNIPET fuel supply network today

Tuesday, October 29, 2019 - 03:15

Chief Executive Officer of UNIPET, Dexter Riley, says their fuel supply network may be affected today, to some extent.

Mr Riley told us UNIPET is having a challenge with their supplies for today and for much of this week, and that consumers can expect one or two hiccups purchasing gas.

The UNIPET CEO did not confirm whether petroleum dealers will meet today with industry regulators. However, sources indicate such a meeting is scheduled to take place at some point, today.

Dexter Riley notes that petroleum dealers across the market have been facing significant challenges over the past few years, which is affecting their ability to purchase gas to supply their customers.

“Since the levies were adjusted four years ago,” he explains, “things have been very burdensome for the dealers. Increased taxes and unsustainable margins also have been a concern for dealers. The industry has really been affected financially,” he adds. “Dealers have a problem with their ability to purchase gas.”

Mr Riley gave assurances to fuel customers that all will be done to ensure their needs can be met.


Story by NEWS DESK