Chanderpaul: I was forced by WICB to retire

Monday, February 1, 2016 - 20:00

West Indies legend Shivnarine Chanderpaul says he was forced to resign from the West Indies cricket team by the West Indies Cricket Board.

In an article published by ESPNcricinfo, Chanderpaul expressed resentment at being obliged to announce his international retirement in order to gain a No-Objection Certificate to play in the Masters Champions League currently taking place in the UAE.

Chanderpaul, 41, has not played international cricket since May 2015 and was omitted from the list of contracted WICB players in December.

"I was given a No Objection Certificate by WICB with a clause in it that I retire on the 23rd," Chanderpaul told ESPNcricinfo. 

"If I didn't announce my retirement they would have taken it back.

"I have spoken to Guyana already. I know the chairman wants me to go back and play.

"They have a game against Trinidad starting on February 12. Then Barbados, then Windward Islands, Leeward Islands and Jamaica. Those are games that I've talked to them already about going back to play. I've not retired from first-class matches. I've retired from international games.

"I wasn't being picked to play for West Indies anymore and there was nothing else for me to do. So I decided I would come out here to the UAE and play some cricket."

While Chanderpaul earns a modest fee per match for representing Guyana, it is dwarfed by the rewards on offer - around $30,000 for just over two weeks involvement - with the MCL.

"I don't have a contract with anybody. No local boards; no West Indies board. I've been playing for Guyana because the coach and chairman saw the value of having me around as a player. They pay me a match fee and I play and try and help the young fellas as much as I can.