Choo Kong's death leaves President Weekes with heavy heart

President Paula-Mae Weekes has added her voice to the tributes being paid to actor, director and producer Raymond Choo Kong.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, President Weekes said her heart was heavy to learn of the actor's death.

The president said Choo Kong was a master of his field.

"Raymond Choo Kong was a born entertainer whose wit and humorous commentaries charmed generations of Trinbagonians. A gifted comedian and seasoned thespian, his exceptional talent transformed the local theatre landscape, setting the bar of his craft quite high," she said.

The president added that Choo Kong was a tireless teacher who generously imparted his knowledge to his students and fellow performers.

She said that as the nation reels from the news and the manner of his passing, she hoped that his work will be forever cherished and etched into the fabric of the nation's cultural heritage.


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