CNC3 News Anchor vehicle recovered, again

CNC3’s Anchor and news reporter Khamal Georges’ vehicle has been found, again. 
This time at Roget Place, Belmont. The SUV is currently at the Belmont Police Station where it will be processed again. 
On Thursday morning around 2 am, Mr Georges’ vehicle was stolen at gunpoint by mask men in St. James. 
Police officers later discovered the vehicle at Bath Street Plannings in Port of Spain. It was taken to the Besson Street Police Station. At around 7:45 pm on Thursday the Kia Sportage was stolen from the police station. 
CNC3 understands that an officer on duty was conducting his routine checks when he noticed the van was not on the roadway.
The officer understood that Khamal Georges, who had visited the Besson Street Police station earlier, was told to return with a certified copy for the vehicle.
He inquired whether Georges had returned for his vehicle, which was parked directly in front of the station, or if the vehicle was transferred to another station.
None of the officers reportedly knew where the vehicle was.
They checked security cameras and saw a tall man with a beard take the vehicle

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