COLFIRE denies discrimination allegations

Saturday, August 13, 2016 - 16:45

Insurance company, COLFIRE, is denying allegations of discrimination against an employee because of the texture of his hair.

This follows a Facebook post that includes a letter from the company's human resource manager Rhonda Oblington-Joseph to a worker Maurice Ramirez, threatening Ramirez with disciplinary action for an apparent breach of the company's policy related to proper grooming.

The letter refers to Ramirez's "unprofessional hairstyle" and points to the company's dress code policy, which says "Hairstyles and hair colours must be conservative. Hair should be kept neat and well groomed."

But many who have responded to the post of Facebook see nothing wrong with Ramirez's hairstyle and claim that he is being discriminated on the basis or race and personal choice.

COLFIRE's statement says its confidentiality policy does not permit an open discussion in the public domain and say it will discuss the matter directly with the staff member.

It adds, "COLFIRE denies the damaging allegations that have resulted from the publication of an internal document. COLFIRE continues to appreciate and value all our customers, employees and agents".