Cops to protect animals too

The TTPS is moving to enforce laws preventing animal cruelty in this country, and has pledged to work closely with animal welfare groups on the matter.

It comes following yesterday’s meeting of activists from the Animals Are Human Too organisation, with the police commissioner and officers from the Canine Unit and Mounted Branch.

In an official statement, the TTPS reports one of the outcomes of that meeting is the assigning of two police officers per division—across all 9 police divisions—to assist animal welfare groups in investigating and enforcing the law where cases of animal cruelty are reported or discovered.

Under Section 79(1) of the Summary Offences Act, those guilty of animal cruelty are liable to a four hundred dollar fine or two months imprisonment.

And under Section 82(1) of the Act, those guilty of animal cruelty must compensate the owner of the animal up to five hundred dollars, as the court decides.

Top cop Gary Griffith also committed to enforcing the law as it relates to fireworks use in public spaces, to ensure the safety of all humans and animals, as well.


Story content and Image courtesy TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO POLICE SERVICE (TTPS)

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