Court orders forfeiture of $42,000 seized from 66-year-old man

An Arima Magistrate has ordered the forfeiture of $42,000 in cash, which was seized by officers, from the Arima home of a 66-year-old man on Monday 12th May, 2014, under the Proceeds of Crime Act, Section 38.

Following the seizure, Cpl (Ag.) Roger Boodoo, of the Financial Investigations Branch (FIB), conducted an investigation to determine the source and legitimacy of the money.

Upon completion of the probe, the investigators filed for a forfeiture application in the Arima Magistrates’ Court.

After hearing submissions made by the State and the attorney representing the man from which the money was seized, Senior Magistrate Gillian Scotland, on Tuesday 1st May, 2018, ruled that the State had successfully proven its case that the $42,000, was derived from a Specified Offence under the Income Tax Act, Chapter 75:01 and ordered that the cash be forfeited.

According to the FIB, between October 2012 and May 1st 2018, a total of $418,387.40 in cash, US$138,520.00 in cash and EC$28,000 in cash were ordered to be forfeited by the courts.

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