Deosaran: Griffith should reconsider blanking media

Former Police Service Commission chairman and criminologist, Professor Ramesh Deosaran is calling on Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith to seriously reconsider his decision to blank the media.

In a statement, Professor Deosaran says the commissioner's recent confrontation with the media and his surrounding remarks raise several serious questions which require attention for the benefit not only for both sides but also for the wider public interest.

He says public officials, especially those elected are obliged to account for integrity and performance to the tax-paying public.

The commissioner was elected, then appointed.

Professor Deosaran adds the media has the responsibility to comment and report fearlessly, fairly and without political interference.

He says, on the other hand, the top cop feels offended and has every right to complain and have those complaints properly reported. 

He says this is how the system works.

The professor says the threat by the top cop to embark on a media blackout is counter-productive and believes he should rethink this position.


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