Diego Martin Central students go to Colombia

Students of Diego Martin Central Government Secondary school will embark on a journey of a lifetime, this, as eight students have been selected to attend a trip to Colombia in the latter half of March 2018.  

The students who had previously visited the office in 2017 returned to the President’s Office to inform President Carmona that they will be treated to an all-expense paid trip to Cartagena Colombia under the auspices of His Excellency Alfonso David Munera Cavadia, Ambassador, Republic of Colombia.

Speaking with President Carmona and the eight students and two teachers at the Office of the President, His Excellency Alfonso David Munera Cavadia, Ambassador, Republic of Colombia, said he was deeply impressed and moved in the presence of students who got an opportunity to witness first hand, governance, international relations and diplomacy.

He said that in all his life he had visited presidents around the world and it was the first time he had experienced such an empowering forum of intellectual discussion among youths and a Head of State.  

 So pleased was he, that Ambassador Alfonso David Munera Cavadia seized the opportunity to sponsor a trip to his hometown Cartagena Colombia for eight (8) students and three (3) teachers of the Diego Martin Central Secondary School.

Cartagena is known in the colonial era as Cartagena De Indias - a major port founded in 1533. He said that the students were in for the cultural experience of a lifetime.

In response, President Carmona said he was very pleased at Ambassador Alfonso David Munera Cavadia's endorsement of his initiative which began when he entered office in 2013, where young students meet Ambassadors, Heads of State and High Commissioners.

“The whole idea behind it was to bring governance and international relations into their lives and I have to say that I was very emotional when you were impressed with what was taking place culminating in your decision to invite students from Diego Martin Central to Colombia”.  

His Excellency said he could not help but compliment Ambassador Alfonso David Munera Cavadia on his foresight for what can take place in the not too distant future and for creating lines of succession for governance among the youth.

For some of the students it will be the first time they would step on a plane, let alone outside the country, so this experience, the Ambassador promises, will be transcendental and euphoric. 

President Carmona thanked the Ambassador for investing his time and interest in the students of Diego Martin Central Secondary School. He said the Ambassador has sent a profound signal to Trinidad and Tobago that you do not have to belong to any perceived elite class or prestige school to attain the unbelievable and once you are prepared to work hard great and mighty things can happen.

The students and teachers are scheduled to leave for Colombia during the 2018 Easter holidays.

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