Disaster Management Units on high alert

The Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government says that as the deluge across the country continues, all 14 Disaster Management Units (DMU) remain on high alert and continue to assist persons who may be trapped in their homes due to flooding or landslides.

The ministry says that earlier today, field officers from the respective DMUs visited critical areas that were reportedly affected following yesterday’s occurrences, to conduct damage assessments and distributing relief items as quickly as possible.

Seasonal rainfall caused by an active Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) and a tropical wave has caused rainfall to affect roughly 80% of Trinidad and Tobago.

The ministry is asking citizens to remain vigilant and exercise caution when traversing the nation’s roadways, especially in low lying areas and mountainous routes that may be prone to landslides.

It says that thus far, reports have been received for the following areas:

* Tumpuna Road leading to San Raphael is flooded and currently impassable. Citizens are asked to seek alternate routes;
* Landslides have affected the Matura Road;
* Grande Riviere River and Shark River have breached their banks;
* Plum Mitan and Biche is currently flooded and impassable to vehicular traffic at this time;
* M1 Tasker Road, Brothers Settlement and Garth Road, Williamsville;
* Woodland, Batchiya Village, Aquart Village, Penal Rock Road, Clarke Road, Lowkie Trace and parts of Lachoos Road;
* Madrass Road, Southern Main Road, Caroni Southbank Road, Piarco Bypass Road, Endeavour Road, Caroni Savannah Road in the Caroni area;
* Sunrise Park, Trincity;
* Kent Street, Williamsville and Bois Jean Jean Main Road, Moruga;
* Poole Valley, Cunapo Southern Main Road, Union Village, in the Poole District;
* Mafeking, Naparima Mayaro Main Road in the Mayaro District;
* Churchill Roosevelt Highway between Orange Grove Road and O’Meara Road, Arima;
* St. Helena By-Pass Road is currently impassable
* EMR in the vicinity of the Detention Centre and Thomas Trace, Arouca

The ministry says that as we continue to receive reports from all areas across the 14 municipalities,it wants to members of the public to utilise the 24 Hour Toll Free DMU Hotline numbers, to report any emergencies such as flooding, landslides, fallen trees, blown off roofs and any other effects caused by this inclement weather system.


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