Drug suspects arrested in Aripero following chase, shootout with police

Two men opened fire on police in a desperate bid to flee with drugs and guns at Aripero Village, Rousillac on Tuesday afternoon. 

Shortly after 3 pm, the police received a tip-off that the men were transporting guns and drugs in a green Tuscon. 

Officers from the South Western Divisional Task Force set up a roadblock along the Southern Main Road in Rousillac and attempted to intercept the van.

However, the driver accelerated and a chase ensued.

Upon reaching Aripero, the men attempted to flee using a side road.

Officers called for backup and as they tried to intercept the van, a shoot-out occurred.

The van ran off the road and the two suspects were later arrested.

An undisclosed quantity of narcotics and weapons were found inside the vehicle.

Police said the two men will appear before ID parades on Wednesday before they are charged. 

Investigations are continuing.

Source: www.guardian.co.tt (Radhica De Silva)

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