Dulalchan's lawyers to Rowley: 'Appoint him as Commissioner of Police'

Lawyers representing Deodat Dulalchan have written to Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley calling for him to be appointed as Commissioner of Police.

"We trust that the Government which you lead will act appropriately consonant with the needs of the Police Service and society at large and therefore support our client's nomination for the position of Commissioner of Police," the letter, written by attorney-at-law Kiel Tikasingh states.

The letter states that the failure to appoint a Commissioner of Police is a "lethal blow to the morale of the Police Service".

The letter points to the allegations of land grabbing, an investigation by the Police Complaints Authority and Special Select Committee which was appointed to review the nomination.

With regards to the land-grabbing matter, the letter states: "In this regard, we note that arising from these allegations, certain public officers were suspended pending an investigation by the Public Service Commission. We further note that it has recently been reported that these investigations were concluded wherein all of the suspended officers have been exonerated of any wrong doing. The natural inference of this exoneration is that any allegation of impropriety by our Client of illegally obtaining a license to occupy certain lands no longer carries any weight for the purposes of public decision making and must be deemed devoid of merit."

After outlining its objections to the way the PCA investigation and Special Select Committee carried out its work, the letter states that the Police Service Commission remains the only constitutional authority to recommend people for the post of Commissioner of Police.

The lawyers say that it cannot be disputed the Dulalchan holds the requisite skills, judgement, experience, reliability,  integrity, character and personality to fulfill the role of Commissioner of Police.


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