ECA: Employees' vacation very important

Wednesday, August 3, 2016 - 18:00

The Employers Consultative Association is sending a message to employers - make sure you employees get their vacation.

The ECA has issued the following statement, highlight just why vacation leave is so critical for all employees.

"In light of recent public scrutiny regarding Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Rowley’s vacation leave, the Employers Consultative Association (ECA) wishes to remind employers of best practice with respect to employees proceeding on vacation leave.

The ECA maintains that all employees should be afforded their earned leave with adequate relief measures implemented at the workplace.

The Oxford Journal of Occupational Medicine has emphasised that there are increased instances of “presenteeism” whereby workers come to work ill or just not up to par due to illnesses or lethargy from a lack of scheduled time off.

Interestingly, Harvard Business Review found that less time is lost from employees’ proceeding on leave than from them showing up and not performing at full capacity.

Vacation leave is more important than an employer may realise.

The ECA emphasises that vacations do not just provide a healthy work life balance, but can also promote creativity, relieve stress as well as increase job performance.

The ECA through its subsidiary, recently hosted a session sensitizing employers about the effects of circumstances where employees are present at work but not productive.

Presenteeism is a phenomenon which contributes negatively to productivity and one that our country can ill afford at this time.

The ECA is advising employers to practice human resource and leave management in a planned and effective manner to minimise such undesirable outcomes."