EMA identifies source of oil in Diego Martin river; violators to be penalised

Thursday, September 15, 2016 - 15:30

The Environmental Management Authority says it has identified the source of oil flowing into the Diego Martin river earlier this week and will penalise the perpetrator.

The EMA has released this statement on the matter:

"Further to the reported release of an oil-like substance into the Diego Martin River earlier this week, and following site visits to investigate the possible source of the substance, the EMA can confirm the following:

- The EMA has located the source from which used oil was released into the river, with an unknown volume being discharged through a hole in the perimeter fence of the location, after having been spilled within the confines of the location;

- The EMA is taking enforcement action against the violators in accordance with the Environmental Management Act;

- The EMA is ensuring that the responsible parties are eliminating the possibility of any recurrence of this incident;

- Among the immediate measures to be implemented at the site are the containing of the site by plugging of a hole in the perimeter wall, removing all storage containers, as well as, clean-up works of oil contamination within the site. The used oil is being collected and disposed of in an acceptable manner.

The Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries (MEEI), the primary responder to oil spills that affect the marine environment, was also notied of the incident, along with the Diego Martin Regional Corporation.

The EMA remains committed to working with all stakeholders in the early detection, reporting and investigation of potential environmental concerns. Members of the public are encouraged to continue accessing the Authority’s Emergency Response Hotline via telephone numbers 680-9588 and 285-4362, or via email: [email protected]."

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