Farmer Nappy, Nailah on tonight's cast for start of Eye Slam Concert Series

The bMobile Eye Slam Concert Series kicks off tonight, and it's promising to be a bumper start with a cast of over 10 artistes performing.

The concert series, which was created and produced by Slam 100.5FM, is now into its 8th year.

Bmobile is the title sponsor of the event.

Tonight's line-up include Farmer Nappy, Nailah Blackman, Erphaan Alves, Shal Marshall, Ricardo Drue, Preedy, Turner, V’ghn, Jaiga, Kris Kennedy & last year's Eye Slam Super Star Tevin Hartman.

There will be six events this year at various locations across the country - Central, South, East, two North and one, for the first time, as a pool party, which will be held at a location to be disclosed later.

The series will run every Wednesday night from January 16th to February 20th.

The bMobile Eye Slam Concert Series is a free event, but bookings are determined by persons going on to the Slam 100.5FM Facebook page, where instructions are given.

Slam 100.5FM is a member of the Guardian Media group.

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