Felicity poultry farm facing possible shutdown by EMA

Friday, December 22, 2017 - 11:45

A Felicity poultry farm is facing the possibility of shutdown by the Environmental Management Authority (EMA).

This, after the EMA conducted an investigation into complaints by residents of the farm's infringement on their well-being.

The followng is an EMA statement:

"Today, a Team from the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) investigated the concerns of residents of Felicity, Chaguanas regarding a public health nuisance to their well being and enjoyment of property as a result of a poultry (duck) farm in the area.

The EMA’s Emergency Response and Investigations (ERI) team has reported that the poultry farm in question is in breach of the Environmental Requirement to apply for and obtain a Certificate of Environmental Clearance (CEC) prior to commencing operations.

The Authority is also aware that other relevant arms of the State are actively investigating this matter to determine if the public health and other aspects of the farm’s operations are in compliance with statutory requirements.

Once these investigations are completed, action will be taken against this farm including if necessary the shutting down of the operations.

The EMA commends the public for its continued vigilance and encourages citizens to provide information pertaining to environmental emergencies such as this one, and any other, through the Authority’s emergency hotline 285-4362 and 680-9588, via email address [email protected] or via Facebook- The Environmental Management Authority."