Female police officer charged following incident involving heavily-tinted vehicle

A female police officer attached to the Praedial Larceny Squad has been arrested and charged with obstruction and resisting arrested after being stopped by police for a heavily tinted vehicle.

The officer spent the night in prison after she was unable to secure bail before the end of the court day on Tuesday.

Reports indicate that Northern Division officers were conducting a road exercise in Tacarigua on Monday when they had cause to pull over a heavily tinted vehicle.

While interviewing the driver, the WPC who was a passenger in the vehicle, began to object.

The officers claimed that she was cautioned about her behaviour and that she started to argue with the police.

The officer's then attempted to arrest the WPC who put up a challenge.

She was subsequently arrested and taken to the Arouca Police Station where she was charged with obstruction and resisting arrest.

She appeared before an Arima Magistrate on Tuesday and was granted bail after pleading guilty.

However, by the time the matter was finished, the cashiers at the court had already packed up for the day. 

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