FIFA confirms 2026 World Cup spots; 6 for CONCACAF

FIFA has confirmed the number of spots that each football region will be given in the 2026 World Cup, giving CONCACAF 6 positions.

In late March, a FIFA committee recommended a format for how many teams from each confederation should go to the 2026 World Cup.

The process was crucial because that will be the first 48-team World Cup and each confederation was fighting for more of the 12 added spots.

On Tuesday, FIFA approved the committee's recommended allocations. Now the outline for the 2026 World Cup is official.

Africa - 9 teams
Asia - 8 teams
CONCACAF - 6 teams
Europe - 16 teams
Oceania - 1 team
South America - 6 teams

In addition to the automatic spots guaranteed to each confederation, six teams will compete in three playoffs with the winners also making the World Cup. Africa, Asia, CONCACAF, Oceania and South America will also send a team to these playoffs, while the confederation hosting the World Cup will also send one.

So, for example, if England hosts the World Cup, Europe will send a team to the playoff.

Whichever country hosts the World Cup will still qualify automatically and take one spot from their confederation's allocation. So if England hosts the World Cup, they'll take one of Europe's 16 places. That confederation does get that half spot back by sending a team to the playoff, as mentioned above.

In the event of joint bidders -- a la the United States, Mexico and Canada joint bid for 2026 -- then FIFA will convene to discuss how to handle the allocation of slots in that scenario.

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