Finance Minister: No tax on fowl coops, duck ponds or dog houses

The ministry of finance says property owners do not have to pay tax for fowl coops, duck ponds or dog houses.

In a statement this morning, finance minister Colm Imbert says at no time did he state or even suggest property owners would have to pay for fowl pens, dog houses or duck ponds.

Instead, minister Imbert said the discussion in parliament on Monday was about the process of assessing the value of various buildings situated on a piece of land, in the context of minimum property tax of $40 per month and nothing more.

He said the discussion was about a specific clause in the property tax act amendment bill in which each townhouse, condominium or single commercial accommodation would be deemed to be land and would be valued and assessed separately for the property tax.

Minister Imbert goes on to say that the opposition asked whether duck ponds, dog houses and fowl coops would be liable to tax and also questioned the minimum rental value of a property.

He says that he responded by saying that properties would be assessed based on the value of the raw land associated with the property plus the value of any buildings.

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