Fines for four charged with stealing over 280 coconuts

Weeks of surveillance by the Praedial Larceny Squad and Amforce Security Services, led to the arrest and conviction of four men for larceny of coconuts belonging to Blue Waters.

Within recent times, thousands of coconuts were stolen from the Blue Waters estate, located at Orange Grove in Tacarigua.

Offiicers say that people would steal the produce and pose as legitimate roadside vendors.

At around 12:30 am on Monday, officers of the Amforce Security Services spotted the men picking the coconuts under the cover of darkness and the Praedial Larceny Squad was contacted.

A party of officers led by PC Williams and including PC Pattoo and Theroulde responded.

The four men were held as they attempted to leave the Orange Grove Estate with 282 coconuts valued at $2,820 packed into a blue Suzuki Baleno.

The men were taken to the Arouca Police Station where they were eventually charged by Inspector Brown of Amforce Security Services.

The men Jonathon Ramsaran, Brandon John, Bradley John and Marcus Smith, all of Aranguez, pleaded guilty when they appeared before Arima Second Court Magistrate Bassaw. 

Jonathon Ramsaran and Bradley John who have previous convictions for larceny motor vehicle and malicious damage respectively, were fined $10,000 each, while Marcus Smith and Brandon John were fined $4,000 each.

This brings to 12, the number of persons charged with praedial larceny within the last week.

Officers of Praedial Larceny Squad who continues to operate under less than favourable conditions and limited resources, pledged that their unit will do all in its power to bring all persons who engage in praedial larceny to justice.

They also advised business owners that they verify the source of their purchases since oftentimes, stolen agricultural produce are sold to businesses.

They wish to remind the general public that they can be arrested and charged for being in possession of stolen produce.

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