Fire fighters extinguish fire at NP tank

Thursday, November 22, 2018 - 12:15

National Petroleum has extinguished a fire at its Sealots Tank Farm.

Shortly after 1 pm, smoke was seen billowing from the top of a tank on the southern side of the Tank Farm area of NP’s Sea Lots, Port-of-Spain.

In a statement, NP said in keeping with established Health Safety and Environment procedural guidelines, the Fire Services were immediately contacted.

Fire tenders from the Wrightson Road Fire Station were dispatched to the scene.

"At this time, the fire has been fully extinguished and the Company’s Emergency Response personnel are conducting investigations to determine the cause of the fire," NP said.

The company assured that the fire will not hamper fuel supplies.

 "NP wishes to thank Fire Services for their prompt response and assures the public that operations are running as normal with a continuous and reliable supply of fuel. NP remains focused on ensuring the timely delivery of fuel by land, by sea and by air to our service station network; airports in Trinidad and Tobago; industrial customers including the Port Authority; all hospitals; and all the protective services," the company added.

Officials from the Oilfield Workers Trade Union said an investigation will be done into the cause of the fire and the OWTU will be part of the team.