Fireworks go off after murder

Kerwin Beckles’ killers reportedly celebrated his death by sending up fireworks after shooting him on Sunday night. It is believed Beckles was killed because of the close relationship he shared with Phillip Bassant, who was gunned down on May 4, and Bassant’s elder sister Rachael Sukhdeo, whose husband Sheron Sukhdeo was also slain on May 26.

Beckles, whose mother is a police officer, carried Bassant’s casket during his funeral last week. He was also photographed pouring Moet and Chandon champagne on Bassant’s body during the ceremony. A front-liner employee for the Sukhdeos, Beckles, who was Rachael’s driver, became her confidante after her husband and brother were killed. He was also said to be Sheron’s right hand man before his demise.

Police said Beckles went to the Madhoo Crystal Place Recreation Bar, near the New Settlement Savannah, to play cards on Sunday night. Around 10 pm he left when he got a phone call. As he crossed the road near the savannah, however, gunmen opened fire, shooting him several times. A friend hurriedly placed him in the back seat of a car and sped to the Chaguanas Health Facility, but he died shortly after.

A resident said yesterday she heard the gunshots and hid in her home.

“I didn’t even bother to wake my husband. These days with the number of killings here all we can do is stay inside. We see nothing, hear nothing and do nothing,” she said.

Residents said soon after the killing six shots rang off and moments later there was a display of fireworks.

On May 5, Beckles posted a tribute to Bassant which read: “RIP mi brother all ready rest up till we meet again.”

His death was predicted by some while others expressed shock at his passing.

Nadia Jaggernuath wrote on his page, “Kerwin wat d hell boi brother. Jus Saturday u gave me ah drop home n u die d next day? wat d hell really going on in Chaguanas boi.”

Stephen James wrote, “So why can’t these ppl’s friends advise them to leave Trinidad for a year or so or for good? Why they staying here to die? What madness is this? A lot of Revenge going on and the country laughing at them they NEED ppl to tell them to get out !!!”

Police said they were expecting further reprisals linked to the murder of Sheron. In fact, they believe over a dozen people could be targeted in a continuing feud in the wake of Sheron’s killing. Several close relatives are also under watch, they noted.


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