Fishermen attacked by pirates at Orange Valley (UPDATE)

Friday, November 15, 2019 - 12:15

Pirates attempted to attack fishermen from Orange Valley and Carli Bay on Thursday night.

Imtiaz Khan, president of the Carli Bay Fishermen Association, said villagers were at the wake of Melissa Khan, the mother of Jason Baptiste, one of the fishermen who was killed on July 22, when they were alerted that six men on a boat attempted to rob the fishermen who had to cut their nets and flee. 

Khan said the fishermen showed up at the wake shaken and worried.

A report was made to the Couva Police Station and the Coast Guard were alerted. The fishermen also went back into the sea to warn other fishermen operating on 20 boats. He said the Coast Guard was on patrols in South and took some time to get into the area. 

Khan said the fishermen are fed-up of asking government for assistance. He said several recommendations were sent to the Minister of National Security and the Prime Minister, yet nothing is happening.

He said the re-institution of the Police Marine Branch has been stalled despite promises to get the unit rolling by October.

Khan said the government was concentrating its energies on issues that are of lesser importance to the members of the public.

“They have time to respond to a UNC meeting.  They have time to respond at Cambridge Analytica. To us there is no response.”

Khan said this also may be a ploy by human traffickers to distract the attention of the Coast Guard, so persons entering T&T from Venezuela could be smuggled in, using holes in the border.