Flood garbage piles up in Kelly Village

Res­i­dents of Kel­ly Gar­dens in St He­le­na are plead­ing with the au­thor­i­ties to re­move the garbage that has ac­cu­mu­lat­ed due to their flood clean-up.

Since flood­wa­ters re­ced­ed ear­li­er this week, the res­i­dents have been busy at work try­ing to re­gain some sem­blance of life as they knew it be­fore flood wa­ters in­vad­ed their homes last week­end.

The first phase in their clean­ing process was to re­move all their de­stroyed mem­o­ries and pos­ses­sions which they would have gath­ered over their life­times, and to dis­card those items in garbage bags at the side of the road out­side their homes. How­ev­er, they have now run out of space to place their now de­stroyed items.

Kel­ly Gar­dens res­i­dent Shi­ra O'Brien told T&T Guardian, “The garbage col­lec­tion is null and void. It's pil­ing up and no­body's com­ing.

“You see­ing the amount of flies com­ing in? It is hor­ren­dous and peo­ple are go­ing to get sick.”

Much like oth­er af­flict­ed res­i­dents, O’Brien's garbage is stacked high, cov­er­ing the front of her home and her yard since Tues­day. The pile-up of de­bris, she said, is now hold­ing back their clean-up ef­forts.

“We have nowhere else to put any­thing,” O’Brien said.

Since Tues­day, O’Brien, her three daugh­ters, their friends and fam­i­lies have been work­ing dili­gent­ly to clean their home so they can be­gin re­build­ing their lives, stop­ping on­ly at night due to bugs and in­sects.

Al­though busy at work clean­ing, an­oth­er res­i­dent, Phillip Mo­hammed, who has been liv­ing there for the past five years with his wife and two chil­dren, is seek­ing re­lo­ca­tion due to the ex­tent of dam­age done dur­ing the floods.

“I am in the process of mak­ing arrange­ments for re­lo­ca­tion from this area…re­lo­ca­tion has a process and a time frame. I need to live, I need to get my life back to­geth­er and ob­vi­ous­ly I have to go ahead here and hope there isn't an­oth­er flood,” he said, es­ti­mat­ing his loss­es at over $140,000.

“I don't want to ex­pe­ri­ence this ever again in my life,” he added.

Many oth­er res­i­dents ex­pressed con­cern about the garbage prob­lem, as “it is keep­ing us from mov­ing on.”

The res­i­dents are pow­er­ing through their pain, how­ev­er, and are al­so ask­ing for any as­sis­tance they can get in clean­ing up their homes.

-  by Rishard Khan, Photo by Anisto Alves.

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