Four held as police seize Uzi in Princes Town

Four persons are presently being detained by police after they were arrested for possession of a high-powered firearm in Princes Town yesterday. 

The suspects, whose ages range from 17 to 25 years and are all of Enterprise, Chaguanas, were arrested by officers of the Emergency Response Patrol on Wednesday. 

While on patrol around 11:30 pm, along the M1 Tasker Road, Princes Town, police observed a red Nissan Almera motor vehicle parked near a fruit stall, with four male occupants behaving in a suspicious manner. 

The officers proceeded to search the vehicle, where they discovered one Uzi submachine gun, fitted with a silencer and loaded with an extended magazine containing 17 rounds of 9mm ammunition. 

All four men were held in connection with the find. 

PC Ramsankar, of the Princes Town Criminal Investigations Department, is leading enquiries.

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