Fuad Abu Bakr detained by police

Tuesday, February 23, 2016 - 20:00

Fuad Abu Bakr, the Leader of the New National Vision political party and son of Jamaat leader Yasin Abu bakr, has been detained by police for questioning with regards to a stolen vehicle.

Bakr and his wife, CNC3's producer Kristy Ramnarine were on their way home when police stopped the vehicle on the Beetham highway and ordered them out at gunpoint.

Bakr was placed in handcuffs and both he and Ramnarine were taken to the Besson Street Police Station and the vehicle impounded.

Ramnarine was told that she was not under arrest but police told Abu Bakr that the vehicle he was driving had appeared on their books as a stolen vehicle.

The make of the vehicle being driven by Abu Bakr is different to the make of the vehicle police say has been stolen.

According to Ramnarine, the police told them that the stolen vehicle is said to be a car. However, the make of the vehicle driven by Abu Bakr is a pick-up truck.

Police say the number on the vehicle Bakr was driving is the same as the number on the vehice they are searching for.

Ramnarine was allowed to leave and said she was able to recover the certified copy of the vehicle from home, which she then took back to the police. 

She said she was then told by police that there was no one at the station at the time who could confirm the document.

Abu Bakr has been transferred to the Central Police Station, where he is currently being detained.

He has not been officially charged with any offence. 

He was released around midnight.

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