Gary Griffith on nomination: "I intend to do all that is required to ensure that your most fundamental right is provided, within the law."

Today parliament approved the nomination of Gary Griffith for Commissioner of Police

The following is a statement from Mr Griffith:

" I take this opportunity to thank each and every one who expressed overwhelming support to me via their personal messages or their public comments through different arms of social or traditional media, and via the numerous polls conducted over the past few months.
To those law-abiding citizens who have been sceptical of this decision made, It is my intention to win over your trust and support in the very near future. To those within the Service who may also share concerns, I assure you, I am well aware that I can never do this on my own, and I am certain, despite what is reported in the mainstream media, those who took the oath to protect and serve, will do so with pride. We are all aware that a team is as strong as its weakest link, and part of my role is to ensure all links are bolstered.
I see today not as a time for me to celebrate but to give thanks to my God for affording me the opportunity to serve my country in another direction, different to my previous position of service, but at this time perhaps, a more critical and crucial role. Whilst I do appreciate the fond sentiment, I also appreciate the weight of expectation, and the impact on my family, as such, our focus remains facing forward to the task ahead.
In this enormous task of ensuring the most fundamental right of 
all law-abiding citizens are adhered to, which is their right to safety and security, time is not on my side, and I have no intention to ask for a honeymoon period, as I intend to do all that is required to ensure that your most fundamental right is provided, within the law. I am intent on utilizing Leadership, Management, Accountability and Measurement of Performance as standards of practice, whilst implementing methodologies that will advance a strategic, future-oriented, targeted approach to crime control, focusing upon the identification, analysis & management of persisting and developing problems or risks, also known as Intelligence-Led Policing.
I do ask that you endure with me until the appointment is made official, and the handover is complete, as there is an Acting Commissioner of Police in the chair presently leading the Police Service, and it would be inappropriate for me to say much more regarding my aim and methods to be used in the direction of Law Enforcement Operational Policies 
Andre branding the direction of the Service at this time.
It is in this regard, that I also wish to recognize the immense contribution, sacrifice, commitment, and dedication to the duty by the present Acting Commissioner of Police Mr Stephen Williams, who has served his country well and I am sure he would continue to do so. I further recognize and thank the Members of Parliament, who, on behalf of their constituents, have entrusted me with their votes of confidence.
The post of Commissioner of Police, at this time in our nation's history, is arguably one of the most difficult and thankless, and many have asked me why I have offered my services for such a post at this time. It is simple- I have dedicated my life to serve my country at any level that I can, to make this a better place for citizens of this great country, and I would do what is required, within the law, to achieve just that, as I remain a patriot to my country and am prepared to serve, as I support  the position that every post is honourable in which a man can serve his country.

Gary Griffith​'

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