Gasparillo family terrorised by 'buck'

Haunted by a shadowy spirit creature which they say lives inside their home, a Gasparillo family is seeking spiritual help to eradicate an unwanted house guest. 

Krishna Mathura, 60, of Hilltop Drive, Gasparillo said over the past seven months a three-feet tall spirit creature believed to be a buck, has been roaming his home.

The house is perched on an incline overlooking the Central Range. It is fenced and Mathura says the supernatural occurrences have been causing them sleepless nights. 

In an interview at the family's home, Mathura said last year, his wife Balmattee and son Govinda began hearing a voice inside the house, telling Balmattee he wanted sex. 

Mathura, who retired from his workplace recently said it was only when he started staying home, he realised what his family was going through.

The creature, Mathura said has been eating his valuable racing pigeons which he rears behind his home.

The goats have also been poisoned and sausages, meat and other items are eaten from his fridge.

Balmattee claimed the creature appears and vanishes before their eyes.

She said last week she was in the living room when the tablecloth flew up and went flying out the window.

Govinda was also there. Hurriedly they chased after it and Balmattee said it dropped in some bushes and then disappeared.

This is not the only item that vanished. Govinda said an expensive vase and a picture of Jesus Christ also went missing, along with their Bible.

Playing a recording of a voice which he claimed belonged to the buck, Govinda said the creature admitted to stealing the Bible and the Jesus picture to take to his "boss."

"If is one thing I won't do is lie to you. I carry it by the boss and he tell me bring it back before I get in trouble," the voice drawled.

In another recording, the voice said he came from Jamaica.

"I doh fraid Pundit Ramesh... and I doh fraid no pastor," the voice drawled. A deep-throated laugh and the mewing of a cat were also recorded as evidence of the spirit creature.

Govinda said the voices were recorded at nights.

Mathura said apart from the tablecloth, other items including money have disappeared. Appliances have been raising off the shelves so Mathura used pieces of wire to tie down their television, stereo, fridge and stove.

Govinda used clay and created a horned idol to ward away the buck but Mathura said this has not worked. 

"We tried everything, we burn incense, googool, sprinkle salt, garlic, red lavender. We called the pundit and the pastor. They told us it is a buck. This thing distressing us. We cannot sleep. Every night we hearing banging. It loves to wake us up. Every time we can hear it through the cracks in the house saying 'oye.'" he added.

What the buck looks like?

Govinda said the "buck is a short fat man with a fat face, big hair and big ears." 

"He doesn't walk on his foot. He walks on his toes. His left hand is on his right side and his right side is on his left. He does cuss me. A few days ago he came with a match to burn down my father's car. Most times he is invisible but I could hear his voice. He follows us. When I pass a corner in the house, I hear 'oye, oye,'" Govinda said.

According to Caribbean folklore, the buck has ties with both Guyanese and African folklore. Believed to have originated in West Africa where the short races (pygmies) were believed to have magical powers.

They were referred to as "Baku" which in many West African languages means "little brother" or "short man".

There are also stories of rich Trinidadians who came upon their wealth not through hard work, but rather through a trip to the forests of Guyana to capture one of these little wish granters.

The bucks usually live in dark places like attics and usually demand blood and milk.

Pastor says its a demonic attack

Pastor Deena Ramnarine from the  Christ Crusaders Assembly in Whiteland said the family was facing a demonic attack. 

"When I visited them it was almost night and I prayed with them and they said they slept well. I told them that they have to pray and believe in God," Ramnarine said. Asked whether she believed it was a buck, Ramnarine said yes.

"I have encountered things like that because I worked in the interior of Guyana. I have seen a buck in Guyana so I believe them. We cannot be afraid of it. We have to take authority and the Lord delivers. The buck will usually beat up the house, whistle at them. You will see things flying all over the room. It will take time for it to leave but they have to stop playing with it by talking about it and talking to it. Just ignore it and call to Jesus for deliverance," she said.

- by Radhica De Silva

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