Gasparillo man abducted

Po­lice are now re­view­ing video footage as they search for 24-year-old Jonathan Ram­cha­ran, who was re­port­ed­ly kid­napped at a shop­ping cen­tre in San Fer­nan­do this morn­ing.

Ram­cha­ran had re­port­ed­ly left his Gas­par­il­lo home to go to the bank to con­duct busi­ness. Po­lice are first­ly try­ing to as­cer­tain if he made it to the bank and which bank he went to.

It is re­port­ed that he was bun­dled in­to a white Navar­ra at the Carl­ton Cen­tre carpark short­ly af­ter 11 am. Ram­cha­ran ar­rived at the carpark around 10.15 am in his Toy­ota Field­er Wag­on. His moth­er told po­lice she was alert­ed about the kid­nap­ping af­ter she re­ceived two text mes­sages from his phone. She re­ceived the first text mes­sage around 11.15 am and it ap­peared to be from her son telling her that he had been kid­napped. The sec­ond text ap­peared to be from the kid­nap­pers.

Po­lice did not con­firm whether a ran­som was de­mand­ed.

- by Sascha Wilson

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