Gov't will need Opposition support for major changes to Bail Act

The government has announced plans to amend the Bail Act to make it harder for offenders of firearm and other serious crimes to access bail.

The sweeping legislation would require the support of the Opposition as it will need a special majority of the Parliament.

The legislation will include:

* 1st offence with a firearm, no bail for up to 120 days

For those who are already on bail, and commits a crime, the legislation will seek to ensure that NO BAIL is given.

The following are the categories of crime outlined by the minister.

No Bail as long as someone is held while already;

* on bail for illegal firearm
* on bail for crime under Anti-Gang Act punishable by 10 years
* on bail for crime under Dangerous Drugs Act punishable 10 years
* on bail for kidnapping
* on bail for a sexual offence against a child
* on bail for crime of terrorism punishable by 10 years
* on bail for crime under the Trafficking in Persons Act

"The government knows what the difficulties are with crime and we will do everything to fight back. One of the fights is in the Parliament," Young said.

He said that the Police Service has asked for this legislation.

The minister said that the Office of the Attorney General and the National Security ministry are currently working on the legislation.