Granny: Teen sold weed to feed siblings

A teenag­er who ad­mit­ted to sell­ing mar­i­jua­na to main­tain his sib­lings and sick grand­moth­er was fined $1,200 yes­ter­day.

Odel Charles, 19, gave this ex­pla­na­tion when he ap­peared in the San Fer­nan­do Mag­is­trates’ Court charged with mar­i­jua­na pos­ses­sion.

His at­tor­ney Frank Git­tens, told the court the teen’s moth­er died and his fa­ther did not play a role in his life.

He was ar­rest­ed around 9 pm on Sun­day.

Pros­e­cu­tor Cley­on Seedan said PC Ma­habir was on pa­trol when he saw Charles and oth­er per­sons sit­ting on the road at Church Street, Gol­con­da.

Charles was star­ing at an area and fid­get­ing. The of­fi­cer be­came sus­pi­cious and searched un­der a gal­va­nize where he found 20 grammes of mar­i­jua­na in a bag.

The teen claimed own­er­ship of the il­lic­it herb and told the of­fi­cer, “Boss, I sell­ing that to mine my fam­i­ly.” Ask­ing for le­nien­cy, Git­tens said Charles, a mar­ket ven­dor, was a first time of­fend­er and was re­morse­ful.

Git­tens said his client cares for his three sib­lings ages six, 12 and 14 and his grand­moth­er who is un­der­go­ing dial­y­sis treat­ment. First Court Se­nior Mag­is­trate Jo-Anne Con­nor gave him 28 days to pay the fine or he will serve three months in prison.

In the same court, Ju­nior Young, 43, a ma­chine op­er­a­tor, al­so ad­mit­ted that around 12.45 pm on May 24 the po­lice searched his house at Taradale, Ste Madeleine and found a white plas­tic bag with mar­i­jua­na in a cup­board.

When PC Loutan con­front­ed him with the drug, he said, “That’s ah lil smoke ah have”.

The mar­i­jua­na weighed 75 grammes.

Git­tens, who al­so rep­re­sent­ed Young, said the ac­cused was charged once be­fore but the mat­ter was dis­missed. The mag­is­trate gave him sev­en days to pay a $2,000 fine or in de­fault serve four months hard labour.

- by Sascha Wilson

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